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so long din donken

« am: 01. Dezember 2001 um 23:16:49 »

Babe I'm here again
babe where have you been
babe I'm back again

I come to your door
to see you again
but where you once stood
was an old man instead
I asked where you'd be
he said
"she's moved on you see
all I have is a number
you'd better ask her not me"
so I picked up the phone
and dialled your number
not sure to put it down or speak
the a voice I once knew answered
in a sweet voice
she said hello and then paused
before I began to speak

babe (babe) I'm here again (I'm here again)
I tell you I'm here again (babe)
where have you been (where have you been)
babe (babe) I'm back again
I tell you I'm back again (babe)
where have you been

you held your voice well
there were tears I could tell
but where were you now
was you gonna tell me in time
just give me a town
and I'll be straight down

I've got so much to tell you
about where I have been
as I walk down your road
I can't wait to be near you................

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